Darkstereo Compilation – A Decade Would Be Too Long

It is coming up to 9 years since a Dawn Industry project released its last music compilation. Back then, Darkstereo was a side project of DEMUS, and a lot has changed in the years that followed. The musical landscape. Digital publishing. Our ability to make contacts from all around this small earthly home.

With so many of our original supporters still actively making music, and so many new friends discovered since Darkstereo was exhumed, it seems timely to ask… “is it time for a compilation?”

We believe that it is!


Darkstereo 2022 Compilation Plan

  • To be released on our Bandcamp site, as a AU$5 downloadable album. All proceeds distributed evenly between artists and Darkstereo. Darkstereo reserves the right to supply download codes to contributing artists, promoters, radio show hosts, and other project supporters.
  • To be released on Spotify and major streaming platforms, a minimum of one month after the Bandcamp release is made public. We will fully-fund the publishing costs, and arrange for the distribution of royalties to artists if/once publishing costs are covered.
  • All genres accepted, artists need to be un-signed and independent.
  • Although there is no genre prerequisite, tracks which are dark, atmospheric, melancholic, subversive or extreme in nature will be given priority.
  • Due date for submissions: 1st May 2022.

Submission Considerations

  • We are only accepting one track per artist / individual / project. These tracks must be otherwise unreleased by the artists as of 1st May 2022, with preference given to those exclusive to the Darkstereo 2022 Compilation.
  • We will do a gentle mastering of submissions, only to ensure that volumes are consistent. You can do us a large favor by ensuring a peak level of -2db.
  • Tracks must be WAV files, 16bit 44.1 kHz, with a maximum length of 15 minutes. Please name the file of your track Artist Name – Track Name.
  • We hope to include as many artists and genres as possible, however we reserve the right to exclude tracks if there are an overwhelming number of submissions, a general bias on the overall compilation towards any one “style”, or submitted works contain material that is overly offensive, culturally insensitive, copyrighted or otherwise inappropriate.