Numerous people, organisations, bands, collectives and collaborations have been part of Dawn Industry’s projects over the years, but to the below, we eternally extend a special “thank you”.

Blatant Propaganda 
Alternative music record label, compiler of Australian cutting-edge art, activist and founder of the Australian Gothic Industrial Music website.

ENDE Records
An Australian independent record label, primarily for abstract, dark, heavy and hardcore electronic music.

Infectious Unease Radio
Infectious Unease has been promoting underground music, hosting events, and networking with artists from all around the world since 1992.

Rock Storm Radio
Rock Storm Radio can be heard on Thursday nights on QBN FM 96.7 (download an App and listen in). 6:00 pm Canberra time with the Radio Rock session and Metal Madness kicks off at 8:00 pm!

Sound Pollution
A USA based Podcast which specialises in interviewing and supporting independent music and artists, in many forms.

The Avant-Void
An international community for Avant-garde, experimental and progressive music fans.

Avant-garde and Prog Metal
A place to share Avant-garde music and meet other fans of unusual music genres.