Darkstereo 2022 Compilation OUT NOW!

Back in January we put our feelers out to a range of independent musicians and supporters of Darkstereo. The aim? To release a compilation album that reflected the many talents, styles and sonic creations of artists from around the world.

We’re pleased to announce that the results can now be enjoyed over at our Bandcamp site! A 24 track album that should cover just about enough tastes to keep anyone happy. Everything from electronic pop, through to experimental work, avant-garde, metal, industrial and beyond.

Assembling our first compilation in close to a decade was an honor, and our deepest thanks goes out to everyone who was involved in the many stages of this process, and the artists themselves for their wonderful contributions.

All royalties and sales of the release are to be equally distributed amongst the artists, so we urge you to download the album, knowing that you will be listening to works the way they were designed to be enjoyed!