Canberra Metal?

The last few weeks I’ve had some feelers out, searching for those often elusive local bands and projects of a metal variety. By “metal”, we’re referring of course to progressive, extreme, technical and highly musical works.

Strangely enough, we discovered that there is more to Canberra and the surrounds than metal used in unwanted apartment block structures, over-budget tram lines, or the hard dense matter between politician’s ears.

Too old and tired to get out much, things are no longer like the “old” days at the Terminus or Asylum when hunting new music, and I’m yet to commute over to The Basement. We took the easy way out, and spent considerable hours hunting and interrogating local artists online. And what a friendly, inclusive and welcoming bunch they were! There is a lot out there, seriously, and we found some wonderful new music in the process. Obviously, it would take far to long to review everything in-depth, so we’ll let you explore the results at your leisure.

What follows, is some of our favorite artists and tracks discovered throughout the course of this little investigation. Enjoy! In alphabetical order…




Axiomatic Theory

Beast Impalor

Black Mountain


Claret Ash

Clarity of Chaos

Endless Grin



Reign of Terror




The Absentee